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We personally want to you know that we will not sell, trade, or disclose your personal information for any reason whatsoever to anyone…ever! We value that you have decided to trust us with your email address and in return we will provide you with coupons, free offerings, new product releases and maybe an occasional article or story that’s relevant from time to time.

We use the best software for managing our newsletters to make 100% sure that we are in compliance with Spam Acts and we also offer a simple click opt-out to make it as simple and easy to unsubscribe as possible.

Believe me, we get enough spam email in our email boxes and know most of you get the same so the last thing we want to do is to clutter your email with even more junk.

So here is our promise to you: We will never email more than 1 time per week unless we have a really great special for you and we will limit our newsletters to only 1 time per month.

Sound fair?



Therese Patterson
Founder – Sensible-Chic Interior Design

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