Eco Chic Green Design

Sensibly Chic meets Eco Chic Interiors: Where sensible design, sustainable choices and healthy living converge.

As an interior designer who has devoted most of my life to finding ways to live healthy and nourish my body naturally, I love sharing my Sensibly Chic lifestyle design signature with my clients to make their homes Eco Chic. Sensible Chic is about good design while incorporating healthy living, green homes, and making the kinds of conscious choices that truly enrich our lives.

There are healthy ways to decorate, and unhealthy ways. Invisible evaporation of chemicals in decorating materials can cause breathing problems, violent headaches, and serious, debilitating illness.

Fortunately for all of us, we can choose paints that have no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) or at least, low VOC’s. Carpets are notorious for outgassing (chemical evaporation) and should be carefully selected for healthy qualities, using natural materials like wool and cotton when possible. Tile or hard floors are generally the best choices, especially with young children as they so often play on the floor.

Chemical sensitivity is a subject that is often avoided in the decorating world, but a subject that is essential for our health and well-being of our families. Choose your materials carefully, always with health in mind. The entire purpose of green products is to create sustainable, eco-friendly products that do what they’re supposed to without the toxic and potentially deadly side effects of conventional chemicals. Having a green home can be as simple as choosing to purchase sustainable green products. If you have a green thumb, you can make it even easier by planting your own garden with your favorite foods. This will not only cut down on the expense involved, which is fairly nominal anyway, but it is a fun and simple way to go green.

Eco Chic Design is not as hard as you might think. A few simple decisions is really all it takes to go green. Some people like to retrofit their homes with solar panels, rain cisterns, and similar conservation technology, but not everyone has the kind of money, initiative, or know-how it takes to do that. But making a healthy green home doesn’t have to be hard on your wallet to be easy on the environment and your family’s health. Green living is, and should be, ultimately more about your family’s health than any other consideration. When you go green, you’re taking a proactive stance for your family and our world.

Creating an Eco Chic green home isn’t only about the materials you use to build it. The fact is, probably ninety percent of green living is a simple matter of making choices that go green. Green products can be as simple as high-post-user-content recycled materials or as complex as organically derived cleaning products. But to go green starts with an active decision to pursue green living as a realistic, healthy choice for your family and create an Eco Chic home.
“Be the change you want to see in the world” — Mahatma Gandhi

Sensible Chic Design undertakes residential interior design projects, commercial spaces and even single rooms. Therese can help you with space planning, color consultations, kitchen and bath remodeling, and all aspects of green design and healthy living: organic, non-toxic, sustainable and fair trade materials, energy and resource conservation, air and water purification, natural furnishings and fabrics and much more!

Eco Chic-Sustainable & Recyclable

Green building materials are composed of renewable, rather than nonrenewable resources. Green materials are environmentally responsible because impacts are considered over the life of the product. Cork flooring, for instance, has been for over a hundred years because of its durability, acoustical and thermal qualities as well as its resistance to moisture damage and decay. The bark is peeled from the cork oak trees, while the trees thrive and regenerate, never having to be cut down. The bark is re-grown within nine years compared to hardwood flooring which takes 30 years – sometimes longer, for a tree to reach maturity to be cut down and used for flooring again. Tiles and countertops using post consumer waste (recycled glass, aluminum and resin) are also sustainable and good choices for Eco Chic Green Living design.

Eco Chic-Asthma Friendly Bedroom

Newly discovered allergies made the need for an allergy transformation redo essential in this pre-teen bedroom. The dry-rub transfer mural is a non-toxic alternative for a beautiful mural accent eliminating the need for toxic faux-paints. The walls were painted using low in VOC (volatile organic compound) paints, which can be purchased in most paint stores. Look for the green-seal label. Stuffed animals were eliminated to help control dust mites. Washable duvet cover is essential so dust and toxins can be washed as often as necessary. Likewise, the window treatments (also washable) are kept to a minimum and black out shades are used for light control. The client maintains the space with cleaning products which are green-seal certified.

Eco Chic-Repurpose and Reuse

We work with existing artwork, rugs, furniture, accessories and make it work with your new décor. Whatever treasure holds a special place in your heart, we can usually repurpose it or reframe it to make it work with the new design, that is our specialty! We make sure your design is Sensible AND Chic!

Eco Chic-Restore and Repair

By restoring and repairing fine furniture, the resource-intensive cycle of endless new production is slowed, as is the fossil-fuel based packaging and delivery system. Antique furniture can be a beautiful addition to a sustainable lifestyle, as well as a link to the past. Not only do carefully selected pieces add artistry and the patina of age, they help to maintain your home’s indoor air quality. Created with less-toxic products years ago, antiques have long since completed any chemical off gassing. I have fine craftsmen that can help restore your treasured piece of history and/or repair stone, wood, etc.